Friday, 28 April 2017

A dialogue between two friends about the bad effect of smoking

Short Dialogue
A dialogue between two friends about the bad effect of smoking
Adnan: Stub out the fag.
Barkat Ali: Not yet. More than half is still to go. They don't grow on the trees they cost money.
A: Then flick away the ash at least.
B: Give me ash tray.
A: I don't smoke. Why should I keep it? Tell you what. Get the fags out of the pack.  And use it as an ash tray.
B: It sounds logic.
A: This is an excuse. Do you want to quit smoking can, you will have enough power in this case. This is a suicidal habit.
B: Yes, I know it is a suicidal habit that kills a person slowly. However, within the shortest possible time, I will give up smoking totally.
A: Thank you for your wise decision. You should not smoke anymore. Remember that the sooner you give it up, the better it will be for you.
B: Thanks for your valuable advice.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Write a dialogue between two friends on load shedding

Short Dialogue

Part 1
A: How long has the light been off?
J: I think it has been off for 3 hours.
A: When will it be on?
J: What can we say?
A: God knows better.
J:Did you call Wapda office?
A: They are also sitting without electricity.
J: Everybody is wet with sweat.
A: Sweat is sign of health.
J: Wapda people know if people sweat they will get healthy.
A: Really they are very sensible people.

Part 2
Amir: Come here hurriedly.
Junaid: I can't move.
A: It is ok?
J: My foot has gone numb.
A: You always make excuses.
J: The light is off and I can't find the match box.
A: What you think I can see in the dark/
J: This is not the thing. Go and he check the fuse has blown.
A:But I don't know how to mend the fuse.
J: What do you know then?
A: Seeing you I sweat.
J: make some one mend the fuse.
A: It's getting very hot.
J: I'm sweating like any thing.
A: Let me check my father.
J: Don't take long.
A: Hold your horses. I'll be right back.

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