Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Application For The Post Of A Journalist


First Name__________________
Last Name__________________
Street Address_______________
The Executive Editor
Dear Sir.

In response to your advertisement in the ............Express, yesterday, I hereby apply for the post of a journalist for your reputed newspaper.
The particulars of my qualifications and experience are given below:
(i) I did my M.A. in English from Punjab University. ..................18...... with a high first division.
(ii) Then I obtained a diploma in Journalism from the ........... Institute of Mass Communications. .........
(iii) I joined The Tribune as a reporter for .......City and the adjoining regions. I did my work diligently for seven years. During this period, I was always first with the news of that region. On many occasions I dug out news before other reporters could even get the scent of it.
(iv) Then I left this newspaper and joined the B.B.C. as their ....... correspondent. I have been holding this position for the last three years. The B.B.C. bosses have been quite satisfied with performance. I have provided them with a number of major scoops which have enhanced their credibility in ..............
(v) I am highly experienced in investigative journalism and have dug out a number of scams and irregularities of the government departments and ministers.
(vi) I am skilled in collecting and writing news, preparing write-ups, and articles. I have a flair for writing and my write ups have been greatly liked by the reading public.
Sir, as your chain of newspapers is the biggest in (India) and the papers of your group enjoy a lot of reputation in India and abroad. It will be an honour to me if can work for your paper. It is with this aim in view that I wish to leave the B.B.C and join your paper as journalist (preferably in a senior position).
I am a young man of 30 years with a tough body which can withstand the demands of this profession. I am capable of extensive traveling which this profession often requires.
I assure you that if I am selected for this job. I will prove to be an asset to your newspaper.
Thanking you.

Yours faithfully.


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