Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Computer Information

Reading Comprehension


Perhaps the greatest invention of the twentieth century, is the computer. It is a high leap forward in the field of science. A computer is an electronic brain, which can perform many tasks. It is a versatile device, which can compute and interprets information very quickly. It can do various tasks. These are nowadays used almost in every field like weather forecasting entertainment, business marketing, planning, designs, education, publishing etc. They are even used for films and cartoons.
The famous film, the Jurassic park used computer graphics to create dinosaurs. Computers have become so common that these are found in schools, homes, hotels and offices. People can even be seen using portable computers while traveling. Computer is made up of tiny electronic circuit. Every computer has a keyboard, which acts like typewriter. The monitor is like a TV screen on which we can see. There are various software's which can be used for various programmes. According to functions, the computer processes the information. The software's for games, general knowledge and graphics are very popular among children.
Computers have become an integral part of the life. Without it, it would be impossible to perform many jobs. That means, without the knowledge of computer the life would be incomplete. That is why in every good school working on, computer is taught to children. I find it very exciting and interesting. Computer indeed is a wonder of modern science.

After reading in above passage, answer the following question.
Q: Why computer is called electronic brain?
Ans: Computer is called electronic brain because it can perform many tasks. It can compute and interpret information very quickly.
Q: Computer is made of what components?
Ans: Computer is made of tiny electronic circuit; the components of computer are key board, monitor, computer process unit and softwares.
Q: What is software?
Ans: Computer has software components, which can be used for various programmes. According to soft ware the computer processes the information.

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