Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Foolish King Story


Once there was an emperor who was very fond of clothes. Truly speaking, he cared for more for the elegance of his dress than his duty as a ruler. Clothiers and tailors would often come to him with newer fabrics and patterns. Two cheats came to know of the emperor's made love for new clothes. They decided to rob him of a large amount. So, they went to his court and claimed to have a unique fabric that could be seen by only those who were fit for their offices. ''But those, who were unfit for their jobs, couldn't see it.
The emperor was charmed to hear of the unique fabric and decided to have a suit made out of it. The cheats were very happy to have taken the emperor in and asked for a big amount in advance.
The emeror gladly agreed and ordered the royal treasurer to make the payment in cash to the so called clothiers. The cheats bought a handloom spending a small part of the money. As they knew nothing about fabric-making at all, they pretended to work at the empty loom.
The emperor felt overjoyed to think of the unique suit. He was sure that everybody would praise not only the suit but also his high tastw for clothes.
Impatient to know the progress of the clothiers work, the emperor sent his most trusted minister to see the cloth. When the minister looked at the loom, he couldn't find anything there. He felt shamefully sure that he wasn't worthy of this job. But how could he disclose it to the emperor? So, he reported that the fabric was really very, very lovely.
A few days later, the emperor sent his wisest and most shrewd adviser to where the clothiers were at work. The man looked at the loom and blinked his eyes in dismay.
As for the cheats, they pretended to rejoice at the fineness of the fabric and its pattern.
The shrewd adviser was at a loss to understand as to what to do. He was considered to be very, very wise by the emperor. But the unique fabric had been invisible to him. It clearly meant that he was either very stupid or just unfit for his office.
Thinking very hard over the point, the man decided to tell a lie before the emperor. He approached the emperor in hip bed-chamber. Bowing low and putting a broad smile on his lips, he said, ''The fabric is indeed magnificent and just worthy of Your Highness.''
All the courtiers were sent, one by one, to inspect the unique fabric. But none of them could see anything at the loom. Still nobody wanted to be styled unworthy of his office. So, each of them reported the fabric to be worthy of the emperor.
When the emperor reached the place of work, the cheats welcomed him with folded hands. Finding nothing at the loom, the emperor looked at his ministers in dismay. He wanted to discover whether they could see the fabric which was just invisible to him. All of them were putting on happy faces to show that they were seeing the unique fabric.
''How shameful of me to be unift for the throne of my ancestors!'' thought the emeror. But to hide this fact, he pretended to see and feel the cloth.
'''How long will it take the suit to be ready?'' asked the emperor.
''By tomorrow morning,'' pat came the reply from both the cheats. They suggested that a beautiful procession be arranged to lead the emperor, with the new suit on, through the market.
The cheats burnt a number of candles that night pretending to sew the invisible fabric into a suit.
The cheats invited the emperor to pay another visit to them and try the suit the next morning. The emperor gladly agreed though he knew in his heart of hearts that he could see anything there.
Early next morning, the emperor reached the place where the clothiers were at work. He had gone there alone. The cheats put on smiling faces and pretended to hold the suit before the emperor proudly by its shoulders. Then they asked the emperor to take off his royal robe in order to try the new wonderful suit.
When the emperor had unrobed himself, he had only his underwear on. The cheats were laughing in their sleeves to see the emperor befooled like pretended to take his measurements for the trial of the suit.
They would raise the emperor's arms to various positions as if to help him put the suit on.
The cheats made the emperor stand before a tall mirror. Then they pretended to help himadjust the new suit properly on his bdy.
The emperor, grossly befooled by the cheats, looked at his reflection in the mirror. Though he saw nothing at all and felt rather silly, he wouldn't admit it. On the other hand, he began to praise the skill of the clothiers greatly.
  By now, some of ministers had also reached there. They praised the sut highly and urged the emperor to march in a procession through the market to be viewed by his subjects. How could the emperor refuse to oblige them, though he was well aware of the fact that he was just unable to see or feel any suit on his body?Putting on a broad smile, the emperor led the procession through the market. He was followed by a large crowd. Not only this, people had thronged along both sides of the road to have a glimpse of their emperor. Though everybody knew that the emperor was unclothed, none could take courage to say so.
Suddenly, a child shouted, ''What a shame! the emperor has no clothes on.''
The emperor knew that the child was right. But what could he do? He went on with the parade.
As for the cheats, their game was over. Seeing the emperor and his nobles busy with the procession, they slunk away with all the money that they had been paid in advance. Not only this, they took away all the silk threads, gold wires and the jewels that were to be studded in the emperor's suit.

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