Sunday, 3 February 2013

Develop Major Theme

The best business letter is one that is developed along one major theme. Once you decide on your keynote idea, you must visualize how you will deliver it to your reader so that he will agree with you. An excellent method of doing this is to think yourself as the reader and then ask yourself such questions as ''What benefit do I get out of it''? oe ''What would appeal to me? or ''Why should I do what he asks?
When you decide on your major theme and the tone you will use, the next step is to bolster up your theme with supplement data. This data should prove your case, the pertinent to the matter at hand and never distract the reader. Remember that anything that distract your reader works against you. A man has only a limited amount of mental power available at any given moment and the brain can effectively deal with only one matte at a time. Other factors that tend to confuse the reader and should be avoided are use of complex words long paragraphs and long involved sentences.



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