Sunday, 3 February 2013

Letter from a Boy to a Girl

I met you only last evening at Ashi's birthday party but it seems as if I knew you for the last many years.
There are hundred and one more beautiful girls in our college, but believe it dear, I have never been attracted towards anyone.
Ever since I joined the college I had the desire to love someone but then as you know love is something which comes itself and not that it is created. I always dreams about a simple, polite and gentle girl and I found all these qualities when I saw you last evening. Your way of wearing clothes, style of simple make-up and manner of talking is something which is rarely available in one single girl.
Should you reciprocate my love, dear Sana, I shall feel the happiest man on earth. My college career is about to end by the end of this year after which I shall be proceeding to England for a business diploma course for a period of one year. Your feelings will always be with me and I am sure I shall return with good success to settle down in our forthcoming life.
So much for the present.
Yours own,


Reply to above (Positive).

My dear...............
Your letter was so beautiful that I don't find any words to express my joy. I read it again and again and every new reading gives me greater pleasure over the previous reading.
I had heard a lot about you from my friend Ashi but it was only yesterday when I could personally meet you. I shall certainly mark this birth-day of Ashi as a great event in my life.
How good you are to tell me of so many things about me. I wonder if I deserve all these adjectives.
I wish you all success in your career.
With best love.
Yours ever,


Negative Reply.

Many many thanks for your affectionate letter which I received this morning. How good you are to tell me of so many things about me but I wonder if I deserve all those adjectives.
I am sorry to tell you,............ that I am already engaged and I am likely to be married soon. Naturally the question o reciprocating your love does not arise at all.
I am sorry once again that I have moved your sentiments.
You can always remember me as a good friend and address any letter on that score.

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