Sunday, 3 February 2013

Letter from a Girl to a Boy

Somewhat surprising yet true, this is a girl's first letter to a boy. I wonder if you have ever thought about me yet I always think about you. Ever since I joined this college I have always found myself attracted towards you but I hardly had any courage to express my feelings to you even though I had plenty of opportunities to do so. Nobody knows about it except Ashi through whom I have now taken the courage of sending this letter.
If you accept my love, I shall feel much happier than one could imagine. In other case, please just excuse me lest you may misunderstand anything and I assure you I will not do anything which may reflect upon your reputation.

Reply to above.

Your letter to me solves the greatest problem of my life and in fact relieves me of a very big worry. I had myself been thinking of finding ways and means to talk to you to write to you but I lacked the same courage as you have expressed in your letter. By this letter of yours I feel very much encouraged and I am confident that I can write more frankly than I could imagine.
Believe it,..........ever since your entry in this college I have always felt someone embracing my sentiments, someone creating feelings of love in me, someone filling the gap and dreams of love in my heart and this someone is none except you. I have requested Ashi to arrange our meeting when we can exchange the feelings of our hearts.
Yours only,

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