Saturday, 16 February 2013

Letter from a Girl who is Engaged

My dear........................
Many many thanks for your letter of congratulations which I received this morning.
Until last week there was nothing in my mind and I did not know anything about it. It was only on Thursday that Kamal and his parents came to our place for evening tea. I was talking quite freely with Kamal's parents and was not at all aware of the purpose for which they were called at evening tea. Immediately after the tea was over, my parents called me inside the bedroom and asked my reactions about their feeling of choosing Kamal as my life partner. I still did not speak a single word. My silence was presumed as acceptance and of course it was acceptance of the proposal.
Well dear Nighat, there is no hurry about the marriage as I want to complete my M.A. by which time Kamal will return from the U.S.A. after getting his diploma in Business Administration.
For you, I am always like your younger sister and you can call me by whatever name you like.
Yours sincerely,



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