Sunday, 3 February 2013

Letter from Husband to Wife

My dearest...............,
While seeing calendar, it is only three days since I separated from you while in reality I feel as if three years have passed. In spite of heavy rush of work in my office, I hardly did any justice to my work during the past three days. Always remembering you and our past few days we spent at Muree and Abbottabad. I could hardly feel that such small changes in life make such a big difference. Before marriage a man just think about his wife (would-be) and any interruption takes away the feelings from the heart while after marriage in spite of all efforts the ideas are always confined to sweetheart only. Dear, I am just counting nours, and am waiting anxiously to come there some time next month on a long leave.
With lots of love,


Reply to above.

My dearest,
I have just, received you kind, affectionate, loving letter. I do not know how to express my feelings of being so happy to read that you really love me so much. I have read your letter at least five times, I am still not sure if I am not in dreams.
Everything here is fine except that I am missing you. While you are counting hours, believe it, dear, I am counting minutes and the information that you will be coming next month makes me more happy that I can ever feel.
Please take care of your work in the office. That is equally important. After all, our bread depends upon that. I want to write so many things, but dear I do not know how to write, how to express.

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