Thursday, 14 February 2013

Letter to a Friend to Encourage him to Continue Education

Dear ..................
Your father was at our place last evening and he informed me that you were going to settle down in life after passing the Matriculation examination and propose to join your father's business. I also learn't from him that you do not want to study further. Tour father said that it was your own choice.
Well, dear {Asad,} I have known you for years and I consider you very responsible and sensible person. There is certainly nothing wrong in deciding to join your father's business but may I suggest that you could do this even after completing the university education.
The mercantile community is becoming more and more enlightened and cultured. Most educated people are joining business day by day. Fortunately you have full opportunities to study further.
Well you take my friendly suggestion and consider your decision once again in the light of what I have said above? If you give a serious thought, I am sure, you will decide in favour of studies at this stage.
I shall await your reply.
Yours sincerely,




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