Thursday, 14 February 2013

Letter to a Friend who is Abroad

It is almost three months since you left for London and I have not heard from you. I hope you are keeping good health by the grace of Almighty Allah.
Should I presume you are fully absorbed in the beauty of London? People say London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
Since you left a number of changes have taken place in our college. {Irfan} was dismissed for having misbehaved with the Chemistry Professor. {Sohail} has left for the U.S.A. for research work. The government of Pakistan has given him a scholarship of Rs. 5000.00 per month for there years. {Ijaz}got married and did not complete his studies. He has started his own business of cloth and is getting on very well with it. I am usual, confining myself to studies only.
Dear {Zafar} I feel so lonely without you that I can hardly express it. I am left with no company at all. Any-way, life is like that. Sooner or later each one of us has to get separated and look for our careers.
I am anxiously waiting for your reply.
Yours sincerely,


Reply to above.

Dear .....................
Your kind letter reached me this morning and I am hurrying to reply you.
Well, it is strange to learn that you not heard any thing from me. The complaint I should have made, you have made. Infect, I wrote to you a letter about a month and a half back and I had been expecting a reply from you. Just when I was thinking of writing to you another letter, I received one from you. Please check up once again at your residence may be someone received it in your absence and forgot to give it to you.
I can hardly believe that so many changes can take place just in three months' time. However, with your letter in hand. I feel sitting among you.
Undoubtedly, London is an extremely beautiful city. I have seen Lahore, Quetta and Karachi but I find that this city has something different from other cities. Beautiful buildings, ultra modern restaurants and theatres, with a number of picnic sports offer the most luxurious life in this city. The place is very costly and the middle man does not stand any place. I spend my major time at the university. Of late I have taken up a part-time job and I am earning 1000 Pounds per month.
Do you remember {Faiza}? I think you do. Her brother {Shahid} is also here and staying with me. I am having a good company both at the university as well as at home.
Yours as ever,




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