Sunday, 3 February 2013

Letter to Girl Parents for Early Marriage

Respected Father,
You will be glad to know that my office people have selected me for training abroad for a period of about two years. The application for my visa has been sent today and I shall be leaving some time next month. Would you feel it proper if the marriage can be celebrated before my departure so that I could take my wife with me during my tour abroad?
Your loving son,

Reply to above.

I have just received your letter and I am glad to read its contents.
I have since consulted girl's mother and have pleasure in informing you that the marriage ceremony can be performed on the 30th of this month. Though the time at our disposal is rather too short, I feel confident that the marriage will be performed with great pomp and show.
I wish both of you a happy and prosperous life and I am always by your side to help you in any way.
Your loving father,

Negative Reply.

I have just received your letter and I am very glad to read its contents. Please accept my congratulations.
Your proposal for early marriage is worth appreciating but the formalities to be observed in our society are too many and the time left at our disposal is so short that I hardly find any chance of marriage before your going abroad. I would have very much liked that......accompanied you abroad especially when she is always desirous to see some foreign country but it is all unavoidable. While you are away, I think.........can join M.A. so that when you return she would have completed her M.A. and the marriage could be arranged as early as the circumstances would permit.
Meanwhile, with best love and good wishes.
Yours loving father,

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