Sunday, 3 February 2013

Letter to a Nurse

I have recovered fully from after weakness of my illness but I feel that I am more a patient now than I was before I was admitted to the hospital. Your services to me are more than your moral duty and I am attracted towards you for each quality which you possess. I must confess that I was coward enough I had every possible opportunity to do so. But I always hesitated last you had misunderstood me.
Dearest Fatima, ever since I have returned from the hospital I remember nothing except you. Your face is always before me at the dining table in my office in my room and everywhere else. My night sleeps have become disturbing and I wonder if I am getting mad. I really love you love you so much that I am prepared to sacrifice everything.
Will you reciprocate my love?
Yours own,


Reply to above.

My dear.................
I am grateful to you for your kind letter and in reply I have just to say that I am a married girl. Our love towards patients is natural in our profession. I am how-ever, sorry for your having misunderstood me and hence your sentiments have been touched.
Please remember me always like a friend.

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