Sunday, 3 February 2013

Letter to Parents Requesting for Consent

My dear Sir,
Please give me the honour of addressing this letter to you.
I consider it the duty of parents to take full care of their children and guide them on the right path in their life. With these feelings in my mind, I respectfully seek the permission of your good self to pay my addresses to your daughter, Miss.......
Where family status, moral character and personal career is concerned, I presume character and personal career is concerned, I presume that you are well acquainted about these things of mine and yet I am prepared to stand any test on that score.
I can assure you that I am earning sufficient to meet the modern social life and your daughter will be quite comfortable with me. I have not yet talked to my parents but I am sure they will not have any hesitation in accepting my happiness.
I am Sir,
Very respectfully yours,

Reply to above.

Dear Mr ..........
Your courteous letter is in my hands. I take pleasure in your sense of obligation towards parents of a girl and I congratulate you for that. I have since consulted my daughter and wife and I have pleasure in giving you unqualified approval and respect.
I would like you to join at the evening tea next Friday after which myself and my wife will meet your parents for formal approval and regular customs of society.
Very truly yours,

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