Sunday, 3 February 2013

Preparing a business letter

Successful executive budget their time and schedule certain activities for definite times of the day. ''Part of daily schedule should include a time when you read your mail and specific time when you answer it.''
Rather than  answer your mail as soon as you read it, it is advisable to give it some thought. Many executives read their correspondence in the morning and dictate or write their replies in the afternoon. During these times they allow no necessary outside interruptions.
As mail is read, it is advisable to note important points in the margin. Then instructions should be given to subordinates to gather data you need to give an intelligent and accurate answer.
Too often, businessmen forget that their major sock in trade is friendliness. You should try to make this friendly attitude apparent in your letters. As you write, think of the recipient as a friend. This attitude creates a better impression on your reader and, most important of all, places him in a respective frame of mind.
Unfortunately, many executives and supervisors are concerned with the mechanics of writing. Good English is important and you should strive for correct usage, but  there is no necessity of becoming a slave to grammatical perfection, becoming so involved that you pay more attention to periods, commas and semi colons, than to the message you are trying to deliver.



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