Thursday, 14 February 2013

Sample Friendly Letter

Letter Writing Guide

Sample Friendly Letter

Dear .............
It is long since I have heard from you. I hope you are enjoying the best of your health.
You will be glad to know that both myself and {Anjum} have passed the B.A. Degree Examination in the first division. {Anjum}is joining M.A. in English as he wants to be a lecturer in English. I cannot afford to study further as you know my financial position does not permit me to do so. {Bashir} and {Mohsin} have failed as expected. {Bashir} is leaving the college and joining his father's business. {Mohsin} will re-appear next year.
How are you getting on with your job at Islamabad? Don't you ever remember us folks at Lahore? It is pretty hot here these days and many people are running to hill stations.
If there is anything I can do for you, please do write.
Yours as ever,


Reply to above.

Dear .....................
I am grateful to you for your affectionate letter which received last evening.
I am sorry for not writing to you earlier party because of over work at the office and partly due to laziness as usual.
I congratulate you on securing first division in the B.A. examination. Of course, I have not as yet received the sweets.
Well, dear {Hamid,} I would very much like that you should also join M.A. and make a good career. I am still a bachelor and there is no likelihood of my getting married at least for a couple of years. Besides, there is not big ability upon me. Should you not misunderstand me, I can help you to the extent of Rs. 500.00 per month and you can join your M.A. classes. You can f course return the full amount when you get a job after M.A. but mind it you will not have to pay me any interest. Alternatively, if you are bent upon searching for a job, then I would suggest you to come down to Karachi immediately. The post of an office Assistant is lying vacant in our office and it is within my means to get it for you. Please write to me by return of post about your interest in this job. The starting salary would be Rs. 1700.00 and there is good scope for further promotion for a man like you.
Yours sincerely,


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