Sunday, 3 February 2013

Secure Favourable Response

First, the basic purpose of a business message is to secure favourable response or willing acceptance from those to whom it is directed. It does not accomplish this, then it is worthless regardless of the time and effort you spend in preparing it.
Secondly, your reader's time is also valuable whether he is a customer, supplier or one of your employees or a Head Office Official.
Thirdly, you must write not only with the objective that you will be understood but with the objective that you will not be misunderstood.
You will become a better business letter writer if you heed the following simple but basic rules, and combine those with liberal doses of time, patience and hard thinking. ''An effective communication is accurate is planned in advance, is clear and is brief. For complete understanding let us enlarge on this rule:
  • Messages that contain inaccuracies reflect on the business reputation of both the writer and his firm. Don't make a statement unless you are sure that you can back it with facts.
  • In a well planned communication the writer has given though to the ideas he wants to convey, has assembled all necessary data and has arranged the data in order of importance and sequence.
  •  Clearness, most supervisors find to be the most difficult point to observe. Many think by using semi-legal or hackneyed phrases, they tone up a message. But why say, ''Hereafter and henceforth when ''In the future'' is clear, or why use ''Due to the fact that'' when one word ''Since will suffice.
  • The importance of brevity is obvious, and if you follow the previous three points, there will be no necessity for constant repetition. Excessive wordage should be eliminated so that you save both your own and your reader's time.



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