Thursday, 14 February 2013

Seeking Friend's Advice Regarding Son's Career

Dear Mr................
I am directing my son {Usman} to you. He has passed his B.A. examination in the first division this year and has obtained third position in his college. I have given serious thought to his future career but I have not been able to decide anything. I therefore, wish to take you valuable advice.
While you know it very well my business is flourishing day by day and I need someone of my own badly to assist me, yet I do not want this to be a hindrance in my son's career. Keep only his interest before you.
With love to children.
Yours sincerely,


Reply to above.

Dear Mr. ...............
Your letter is in hand, it is indeed very kind of you to seek my advice. {Usman} came to my place last Friday. I am glad to find him grown into a fine lad. He is a promising boy and will do well in any profession.
From my discussion with him. I observed that he is interested in seeking some executive post after passing his M.A. examination. However, I suggested him a little deviation from this and that is to pass M. Com. Instead of M.A. I know pretty well that your business has increased tremendously and you really need someone who should assist you. No businessman would like to see his business ruined for want of a proper man for organizing it and so would not you. I have, therefore, suggested {Usman} to he can work as manager in your concern. This serves both the purposes. While he gets almost an executive job, you get an assistant of your own. {Usman} has agreed to it unhesitatingly and he will be writing to you separately.
With best wishes and kind regards.
Yours sincerely,




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