Sunday, 3 February 2013

Using Memos

Just as letters serve as communication link with the general public, another from of written message, called memos (short of memorandum), transmits information within a company.
The use of memos has increased in recent years and this rise can be attributed to the fact that in today's complex business world, oral communications are no longer capable of doing efficient job. Company personnel today must assimilate and retain a multitude of facts. Often details are forgotten because of mental pressures. Written memos serve as reminders and semipermanent records that certain directives were issued.
Properly used memos act as important links between management and personnel and materially assist in the orderly guidance and control of business. The use of informational memos is gaining acceptance in business circles as executives realize the employees' moral can be adversely affected by lack of information on company events.
Basically the rules of memo-writing are the same as those used for letter writing. State the purposes of the memo in the first paragraph. Follow this in the body of the memo with a detailed discussion of the matter under consideration include your recommendations, and point out how the reader or the company will benefit if your recommendations are followed.


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