Thursday, 14 February 2013

Write a Letter to a Penfriend

On my return from duty this evening I found your letter on my table. As the name and address of the sender were not printed on the envelope, I could not first make out the sender's name although Pakistani postal stamps were pasted on the envelope. Because, I have five more friends in Pakistan and two from your locality itself.
Opening of envelope and unfolding of your letter was more an excitement for me than a surprise. Dear {Jamil} it has always been my great pleasure to make a new friend and specially a Pakistani friend.
I must say it is a matter of coincidence that both of us have many things in common. For instance, I am 25 while you are 22. I am fond of stamp collecting, photography, novel reading, swimming and gardening while your hobbies are exactly the same.
Dear {Jamil}, I have as many as 20 pen-friends but to be very frank with you, I have not found any one of them having so much in common with me as I have found in you. I now wish I had been introduced to you much earlier than today.
The stamps and photograph you have sent are excellent and I must thank you for the same. I am sending you some photographs of New York and I hope you will like them.
Please write to me as often as you can.
With best wishes,
Yours sincerely,



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