Wednesday, 15 May 2013

King Robart Bruce


Reading Comprehension 

 King Robert Bruce
King Robert Bruce ruled over Scotland. He had been defeated many times by the English. He ran for his life and hid himself in a cave. He had lost all hope to win. As he lay there thinking if he should give up his struggle or not he saw a spider trying to reach its cobweb in the ceiling of the cave. It fell down again and again but did not give up its attempt. At last the little insect reached it's home in it's ninth attempt. This gave courage to king Bruce. He made up his mind to fight and this time he won the the battle.
Answer the Following Questions in brief:
Q: By whom had Robert Bruce been defeated many times?
Ans: King Robert Bruce had been defeated by the English army many times.
Q: Where did he hide himself?
Ans: He hid himself in a cave.
Q: What did he see in the cave?
Ans: He saw a spider trying to reach its cobweb up in the ceiling of the cave.
Q: After how many attempts did he spider succeed?
Ans: The spider succeeded after making nine attempts.
Q: What lesson did King Bruce learn from the spider?
Ans: King Bruce learnt the lesson. ''Try Try again, till you succeed.

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