Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Reading Comprehension

Newspapers keep us constantly in touch with the whole of mankind. In olden days a man's world consisted of his own village and one or two neighbouring villages. It was difficult for him to know what was going on in the other parts of the country. But today the press assisted by rapid means of communications brings us news from the farthest corner of the globe. The press is also responsible for educating public opinion. The laws of a nation are really shaped by its press. In fact the public receives guidance from the newspapers. Thus their power in modern times is really great.
Answer the Following Questions in brief:
Q: What good do the newspapers do to us?
Ans: Newspapers keep us in touch with the whole of mankind.
Q: Why in olden days man could not know what was going on in far off places?
Ans: In olden days man could not know what was taking places for want of means of communications and newspapers.
Q: What is the responsibility of the press today?
Ans: Today, the press is responsible for educating the public opinion.
Q: How are the laws of a country shaped now-a-days?
Ans: News papers play a great part in shaping the laws of a country.
Q: How are news papers a source of public guidance?
Ans: Newspapers bring us full information relating to all aspects of the society.
Q: What is your opinion about the power of press?
Ans: Press has great power.

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