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Precis Writing Examples

 Precis Writing
 Precis Writing Examples
 Examples -1
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. It tends to turn the head of its owner. The persons with shallow attainments look down those of lesser attainment and want to be admired and respected by others. They parade their knowledge. This is more noticeable in women and lower classes where once they acquire knowledge, it is beneath their dignity to pursue former occupations. Some people have different views and think that knowledge leads to efforts and attainment of further knowledge for betterment. But these type of persons are rare.
Write precis of the following and give an  appropria teheading.                                                                                                                                    
Write precis of the following and give an appropriate heading.
Inactivity, I think is the greatest cause of overweight at present. By and large people are eating less than they did in 1900. But their physical activity has decreased much more rapidly than their food intake. Everything that as happened to our society in terms of labour-saving devices, transport and so on has contributed to this.
Most of us have forgotten what man used to be like in the past age. For instant, it would be difficult to find a city dweller today who expends as much energy as did an office-goer of 1890. The latter was a clerk who chopped wood for an hour, six mornings a week, walked home in the evening and chopped wood I again. On Sunday he took his family for a three or four hours walk.
Modern society has pushed us more and more into the state of inactivity, which naturally leads to overweight. We can win over this situation by exercising more. For many people the most practical thing is to walk. Other sports, such as swimming and, tennis, are also excellent.
Examples -2
Modern technology such as labour saving devices transport etc. leads to inactivity which in turn is the cause of overweight. Physical activity has decreased rapidly during the last decades. When people often used to walk and did strenuous exercises. We can overcome the inactivity by doing exercises like walking and playing swimming etc.
Write a precis in one-third length of the following essay.
Every human being is born with certain basic rights, such as life, health, freedom, justice and protection against exploitation and crime. These rights are not granted by anyone or the government, but are inherent with every person, irrespective of caste, creed, colour or poverty. However, it is not uncommon to find exploitation of mankind, especially the victims of war, prisoners, slaves apartheid poor and illiterates. The human rights are often violated by the individuals, police, military and even the government.
Taking cognisance of this fact and concerned with the offence at international level, the United Nations on 10th December, 1948, adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It enumerates the basic human rights, namely the right to free speech, freedom of movement, judicial rights and right to take part in governance of their country. The Social and Economic Rights include the right to equality without any discrimination of sex, caste, creed, race or colour.
Further, the human rights include the right to live with dignity, right to rest and recreation and right to equal pay for equal work.
The main problem of human rights is their enforcement. Different countries have adopted different standards and different rights. In some societies civil and political rights are not statutory and obligatory. The United National and some international voluntary agencies are actively pursuing with such countries to adopt the doctrine of human rights. They raise their voice, whether it is unjust policies, official behavior, discrimination or injustice. The media and the press can play an important role in bringing to light suppressing and discriminating policies and actions of the government, individuals or bureaucracy. Demonstrations, strikes, public interest litigations, court cases and financial assistance are other prevalent methods to provide relief from violation of human rights. Education, alleviation of poverty and awareness among the masses are essential to check the violation of human rights and to ensure basic freedoms of living, expression, justice, work and recreation. These are the basic charters of the government in the implementation of which the voluntary agencies, community and the people have an important role to play.
Examples -3  
 The Human Rights: 
 The human rights such as life, health, freedom, Justice and protection against exploitation are inherent with every person on equal basis. However, these rights are violated not only by individuals but also by government. In view of this, United Nation on 10th December, 1948 adopted the Universal Declaration of human rights, by which the rights to free speech, freedom of movement, judicial right, right of governance of their country, right to equality, right to live with dignity, right to rest and recreation, right to equal payment for equal work.The standard and enforcement of these rights differ from country to country. In some countries these rights are not statutory and obligatory. They are under constant pursuance to adopt these rights. Media can play an important role. To check the violation o these rights, it is essential to bring in light the suppressing and discriminating actions and to raise voice against them.

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