Thursday, 23 May 2013

Rules For Precis writing

Precis Writing                                                                 
 Rules for precis writing
Précis writing involves intense brain work. While writing précis the following rules should be kept in mind:
  • Read the passage thoroughly to get the general 'idea, then read it carefully again and again to have clarity till you understand its subject and what is said about the subject.
  •  Give a short title to passage, which will express its subject.
  •  Write down the main points in proper sequence in the form of outline.
  •  Compare the outline with the original passage.
  •  Note the length of the passage and write a rough précis comprising of one-third the number of words in the given passage.
  • The gist of précis should be written in students' own words. As far as possible do not copy words, phrases, sentences and quotations from the passage. Avoid using repetitions, quotations, illustrations, proverbs, etc.
  •  Do not add anything. Make no comments, Correct no fact, and do not give your opinion.
  •  Maintain proper sequences of ideas. Language should be simple and direct with short sentences. As far as possible, write the précis in third person, indirect speech and in past tense.
  •  Revise your draft and compare it with the original passage. If it too long compress it by omitting all unnecessary details. Correct all spellings re-check grammar and language.
  • Write it neatly with proper heading of the passage. 

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