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Tales And Stories

 Reading Comprehension
 Tales and Stories

Whatever be the sanctity of truth, the fact is that imagination has always fascinated men, women and children. In spite of endless production of stories in the modern times, the ancient legends, fables and tales always remain memorable. These reign supreme in the hearts of  children. Perhaps the main reason for this is that these usually overflow with imagination and wonderful fantasy. Often termed as legend and myth, these stories continue to be rated among the most interesting. These include Sindbad's Travels and Adventures, Arabians Night, stories, Aesop's, etc. They make the children giggle and cry, laugh and weep. They touch the heart and stir humans, feeling. They arouse curiosity and imagination.
 The myths and legends provide their own explanation of the natural world through the adventure of demos and devils, gods and goddesses in their own peculiar way, myths tell why the wind blows and how man discovered the wonderful tool of fire. The legends explain the story of mankind through the adventures of great heroes and heroines.
 Many of myths and legends with which we are most familiar, originated in the Orient and ancient Greece. The People of ancient Greece gave the name of chaos to the newly formed earth. We still use the word Chaos to mean a state of great confusion. The ancient gods emerged from chaos to give the young earth order and form. Mythology tells us a number of stories about how man came to be and when he did make his first appearance.
 The stories in legends and myths, explain the experiences and feelings of men, including diseases, epidemics, wars, calamities, sorrows and deaths. These explain how the hope made the mankind to bear its the worst problems. The myths also explain the scientific and natural phenomena, like the movement of the sun, the moon, the stars and planets in their own way.
 All this richness, variety and beauty of legendary tales and mythological stories make them immortal. Till there is life on the earth, these would survive.

Answer the Following Questions in brief:
Q: Write the names of 6 most popular stories?
Ans: Sindbad's Travel and Adventures, Arabian Night, Panchtantra Stories, Aesop's fables.
Q: What make mythological stories immortal?
Ans: Mythological stories are immortal because they are full of imagination and fantasy.
Q: What is the meaning of chaos?
Ans: State of great confusion.

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