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The Earth And Its Environment

 Reading Comprehension
 The Earth And Its Environment
Our earth is a unique planet in the Universe. It is the only known planet to have life on it. The mother earth provides us with water, air and land. In other words, it provides the essential spheres of life that is hydrosphere, lithosphere and atmosphere.
The narrow zone where the three spheres coincide is the only life sustaining part of the earth and the known universe. This is called the BIOSPHERE. The hydrosphere, lithosphere, atmosphere and the biosphere together form the surrounding of everything and is known as the ENVIRONMENT. The earth and its environment give way to life in a variety of forms- from the microscopic and simple bacteria to blue whale and complex human being. A particular organism is suited to a particular place and the environment, where it can flourish, breed and survive. This place is called its HABITAT or MICRO-HABITAT.
The earth has a delicate ecosystem. Its environment is made up of both the non-living or physical components and the living on biotic components. The non-living components are the land, air, water, sun etc, and the living components are flora, fauna and microorganisms. Life depends on the non-living part of the earth. There is a sensitive balance between both the living and non-living plants and animals. This balance depends on an interlinked cycle of various activities.
Thus disturbing anyone, disturbs the other three also. Pollution of physical components of nature will destroy life, and destruction of wild life will ultimately destroy the man.
With an ever-increasing level of consumption the man is exploiting the natural resources beyond proportions and causing irreversible environmental degradation and contamination.
Man's greed short sightedness has led to indiscriminate industrialisation, deforestation over automation and artificial ways of living. These have polluted and severely damaged the environment. To regain the balance of the earth's ecosystem. It is necessary to reorient the prevalent ways of living industry and transport. The development has to be environment friendly and sustainable. This is not just the best way it is the only way: a ''no choice'' situation. The fight against pollution cannot be left at the level of the government. It would be impossible to fight against pollution unless it becomes a mass movement and is considered as an individual responsibility.
This could be possible through a multi-pronged strategy of presentation and cure precaution and action.
Answer the Following Questions in brief:
Q: What are the spheres of environment around the earth?
Ans: The essential spheres of the life that earth provides are hydrosphere, lithosphere and atmosphere.
Q: What are biotic components?
Ans: Biotic components of the environment of flora fauna and micro-organism.
Q: How pollution disturbs the ecosystem?
Ans: Pollution of the physical components of nature destroy the balance in nature. This balance depends on an interlinked cycle of various activities. Indiscriminate industrialisation, deforestation, over automation and artificial ways of living have pollutes and damaged the environment.
Q: What is habitat?
Ans: Habitat is a suitable place and environment where particular organism flourishes breeds and survives.

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