Monday, 3 June 2013

A Crowded Market Street

A Crowded Market Street
It was around Eid. We wanted to buy clothes, Eid lights and many other items. Anarkali is famous for such items. My mother asked me to join her and see myself what this famous market is like.
 My mother and I went to Anakali. It is near the K.E. Medical College Lahore. There was lot of crowd. Everyone was pushing each other. There were traffic jams and the vehicles were blowing their horns. Street vendors were selling various items, which were very cheap. They were shouting on top of their voice to solicit the customers for their wares. Many customers were bargaining with the shopkeepers. Some beggars were asking for food and money. We went to a saree shop, where my mother bought a saree. She bought some artificial jewellery for me.
 We also bought some sweets from the famous Shop, of Butt Sweet, from the electrical market we bought Eid lights and a mixer-juicer. I also bought some records, cassette, tapes of classical music. We were all tired after shopping. We took cold drinks to refresh ourselves. Thereafter, we returned home. I enjoyed the shopping very much, although the market was very crowded.

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