Monday, 24 June 2013

A dialogue between a shopkeeper and a customer

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A dialogue between a shopkeeper and a customer

 Shopkeeper: Good afternoon, sir, it's good to see you in my shop on such a wet day.
Customer: Yes we have had a lot of rain lately; and that's why I have come to get a strong pair of boots. My feet have got quite wet in these thin shoes.
S: I think I can find you a good pair. What size do you take?
C: Eight.
S: Do you want black booth or brown?
C: Brown, please; with good think soles.
S: Here is the very thing for you, sir! Real English leather, and strong without being clumsy.
C: Yes, they look all right, I had better try them on.
S: Certainly, sir; please take a seat. Now, how does that feel sir?
C: It is a bit tight, I am afraid. Have you a pair a little larger?
S: Yes, let us try a eight-and-a-half. There! Does that fit better?
C: Yes, that is quite comfortable. What is the price?
S: That will be Rs. 160, sir.
C: Very good: I will take this pair.

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