Friday, 7 June 2013

A Good Deed

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A Good Deed
When I started to write an essay on 'A Good Deed' as a part of vacation homework, my pen stopped. I began to think what good deed of mine, I should describe. Should it be feeding the birds or giving alms to beggars when I occasionally go to the temple? Can it be serving my parents when they are ill or helping my sister in her work? No, I thought these are insignificant for an essay. I started introspecting my thirteen years of life more deeply.
I felt that most of the things I do are for my own self. Playing, studying, reading, watching, TV, computers, music, participating in competitions etc., are all for my own benefit. Am I becoming too self-cent red? I must confess that I decided to do one good deed so that I can write my essay.
It is said, ''Where there is a will, there is a way.'' The same evening I found a small girl crossing the road carelessly. Suddenly, a red line bus came dashing, unconcerned with the safety of anyone else. Risking my life, I just ran on the street and pulled out the girl.. Her life was saved. The bus driver stopped the bus and started abusing us. A crowd gathered on the spot and the parents of the girl called the police. On our complaint, the licence of the bus driver was cancelled. Although, the parents of the girl felt very obliged towards me, I was more happy because it had a reason to write my essay on a good deed.

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