Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A House On Fire

A House on Fire
One summer night in June. I was sleeping when shouts of fire awoke me. I looked this way and that way but there was no smoke or fire. I was just going to lie in my bed again when similar shouts were heard again and I was sure that fire was not far off. I got up and ran out of my house. Many people were found running towards the east. I also followed them and soon reached the spot. A big house was in flames. The flames were leaping to the sky. More than half the building was on fire. It was a terrible fire. All the people looked horrified. Seceral women and children were crying. Some brave boys were trying to save the valuables. They were passing through smoke to bring out the boxes and bags. The inmates were running hither and thither crying for help. Many people were throwing water on fire. But their efforts ended in smoke. The flames spread more and more. After an hour, the fire-brigade reached the spot. The fire fighters began to throw water on the fire by means of their hoses. At first it appeared that they would not get control over the fire, but at last it was extinguished. The loss of property was above 4,00,000 rupees.

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