Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Moonlit Night

Paragraph Writing  For Kids
A Moonlit Night
A moonlit night is a pleasant sight in the hot night of summer the moon lends freshness to everything under the sky. In the daytime everything is burnt by the scorching rays of the hot sun. But as soon as evening sets in, coolness prevails over the earth. Then appears the moon in all her glory and a magical transformation comes over many of the works of Nature. The burnt grass, the withered leaves and the hot waters, all lose their ugliness. Under the flood of moonlight, they look as beautiful as a fairy land. The moonlight beautifies whatever it shines upon. How ever worried you may be, lie down on a soft cushion at night and look at the moon. In a short while, you feel enchanted by the soothing influence of the moonlight. Your troubles are gorgotten and you fall in to a mood to dream of lands of hope and success. The peaceful quiet inspirecd by the gentle beams of the moon and the refreshing coolness of the air gives you that peace of mind for which one sighs in vain in the daytime.

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