Thursday, 6 June 2013

A Rainy Day

A Rainy Day
 It was fine sunny day. The air was cool and the weather was pleasant. We thought that we would be wasting such a nice day indoors. I contacted my friends and we all started on our bikes for a picnic. Full of excitement, we were singing and enjoying. While we were on half way suddenly it became dark and the clouds covered the sky. Before we could think of doing anything the clouds started thundering fiercely. It was like the roar of a pack of lions. It was literally a cloud bursts with a big bang our hearts were filled with fear and plans of picnic sank like a paper boat in the river. All our excitement vanished in the oblivion.
 We were completely soaked in the rain and so was our food. Everyone was sad, perplexed and quiet like a stone. Then I thought why we should curse the nature. Rather we can enjoy this unexpected event. My friends agreed and we started bathing, playing and dancing in the rain. We sang classical ragas of monsoon. While the people were running helter and skelter, we were enjoying time. It was a unique scenery, looking at the colourful umbrellas, people soaked in the rain, ground covered by water and everything including trees, taking shower. The reflection of colours, patterns and light in the water under the vast umbrella of overcast clouds, was making a wonderful scenery. It was like the picture by a modem painter.
 This is my most memorable, but unexpected picnic of my life.

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