Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Visit To A Historical Place

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A Visit to a Historical Place
Last Sunday I made a plan to visit a historical place with my friends. We decided to visit the tomb of jehangir. We entered through the main gate. There were many big grassy plots there. We saw many lofty shady trees. Many footpaths were running this and that way. There were small canals way about one feet deep and four feet wide. Water was flowing in these canals. A few birds were bathing in the water. Fountains were playing and it all presented a very charming sight. There were beautiful flower-beds on both sides of these canals. Cypress trees were growing in rows. A grand marble building stands in the midst of the garden. Jehangir, the great Mughal Emperor, lies buried in it. A fine and lofty minaret stands at each corner of the building. These minarets have distinctive feature. If we see the Badshahi Mosque, from one of the minarets, only three minarets are seen. Similarly, if we see the Jahangir's tomb from the minarets of Badshahi Mosque, only three minarets can be seen. We also visited Asif Jah's and Noor Jahan's mosoleums. We appreciated the masons of the past for their skill and architecture. We came down. We enjoyed the visit very much, We hired a taxi and reached home in the evening tired but happy. 

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