Friday, 7 June 2013

A Visit To A Museum

A Visit to a Museum
Museum is a place where rare and old things are kept. There is a big museum in Lahore. Last Monday, I way to see the Museum with my brother. It is situated in front of the University Hall on the Mall. We bought tickets at the gate and went in .It is a spacious building and has several big halls. Each hall has curios things. In one big hall we saw pictures of the past kings of India. They were drawn by the artists of the past. In another hall, we saw the arms and weapons which were used in the battle field in the time of Mughals. We also saw samples of dresses and uniform worn by soldiers, generals and kings in the time of war. In another hall, we saw statues of Budha. We also saw a model of Taj Mahal. We spent much time in seeing statues ornaments and other things dug out from Taxila. We also saw Biological section. There were dead snakes, birds, insects and beasts. They were stuffed with cotton and looked like living one. These things added to our knowledg. Then we came back home tired but happy.

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