Thursday, 20 June 2013

Dialogue Writing Tips

Dialogue Writing Tips
  • Carefully read, think and understand the subject. Imagine the characters and their point of view. You should have a clear picture of the persons taking part in the conversation. 
  • Jot down briefly the ideas, opinions and arguments of the imaginary persons and sequence them in logical order.
  • Keep in mind that your dialogue would express the view of the character, he is playing, it should not, in anyway, represent your own viewpoint.   
  • Dialogue when completed should appear real and spontaneous. For this, it is essential to imagine how in real life person converse and reproduce them in an easy, familiar and natural manner. 
  • Conversation should rotate between the characters. It should be brisk and rapid.
  •  Avoid monopoly by one character.
  •  Conversation should not appear to be public lecture.
  •  Write in a natural, interesting and realistic manner. For this, try to observe how real conversation takes place. In actual conversation, people interrupt each other answer a question by asking another question or anticipate the question and answer it before being asked. Such elements in the conversation enliven the dialogue.
  •  Use interjections, element of surprise, exclamation, such as, well, good heaven, bother, oh dear! Oh God! etc. However do not over use them.
  •  Dialogue should begin in an interesting way and should not end abruptly. Normally it should end with a definite statement.

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