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Diary Writing

Diary Writing
 Diary is record of events, transaction, or observations kept daily or at frequent intervals. It is a record of personal activities, reflections and feelings of the person. Diary writing is a fine training in the art of expressing, what one wants to say simply, clearly and directly. This is a prelude to write reports and media journalism. Many great authors have been known to be extremely good diary writers.

A good diary writing for Some useful tips:
  •  Mention date, day and time on the left side top.
  • There should be general flow in writing.
  • Writing should be simple, clear, direct and convey the facts. It should be a record of events, more than your own feelings or ideas.
  • It is an event, which you want to describe. It should mention time, place, season and general atmosphere. Also say why it is important.
  • Before writing, arrange your thoughts on a logical sequence or draft it mentally.
  • As diary very personal, you can reflect back on your attitude quite freely and honestly.
  • Being personal, generally diaries are written for reference solely by the author. However, it should not mean that diary notes should be unorganized or in dirty scribblings. Diary is like your wardrobe. Keep it organized and clean.
  • Diary writing can be interesting and a fun. Use different coloured pens for category of writings. Write important dates in red, poetry, shayree in green, your personal events in black, concerning your studies in blue and so on. Calligraphy pens can be used to give a personal decorative touch to your writing.
  • Diary writing is a lesson in organizing yourself as well as organizing your thoughts. Diary should be well organized in terms of time/period, sequence of events, concerns, bringing out pending matters, highlighting action areas and issues to be sorted out. Diary writing exercise usually does not include giving your judgment and views and should focus more on faithful reflection/record of the happenings.  
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