Sunday, 9 June 2013


Fashion is a thing which becomes common in the society. It is an age of fashion. The fascination of fashion is very strong in our cities. New generation runs after fashion. The old and the young know well the importance of fashion. Every body wants to be smart and up to date. Women follow fashion blindly It is said that chameleon does not change its colour as quickly as a woman wears out a new fashion. Radio, T.V. and newspapers advertise ments are responsible for all this race in the field of fashion. These advertisement have captured the attention of all kinds of people They have also affected Even the middle and the lower class of our people. Now all are the victim of fashion. The garments and cosmetic industry, and their attractive commercial advertisements have played a leading role in the spread of fashion. In this way a lot of money is wasted on fashion. Wears, powders, perfumes, fabrics, footwear, furniture, fast food and video films have become the fashion of the day. Fashion spreads very quickly. But being Muslims we should be on our guard. Our religion teaches us to lead a simple and clean life. We should not follow the ways of the other nations. We should follow the teachings of Islam. In this way we can get rid of the fashion.

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