Friday, 7 June 2013

How Inted To Spend My Holidays

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How  Intend To Spend My Holidays
During the holidays one can do what he likes. One has all the time for entertainment or to learn something new. The holidays give an opportunity to develop a new skill. There is complete choice and freedom. But this does not mean that we should waste our time. We should make the best use of time by developing new skills, learning many things besides playing and enjoying holidays. I am sure not to spend all my time in gossiping and reading the comics. During the holidays, I wish to spend at least one hour everyday in writing articles for newspaper and magazines. To improve my health, I would like to spend two hours daily for sports and physical exercise. I am planning to go to Murree for a week There, I would do some trekking and make an ecological study.
 Now a days, computers are becoming very popular and indispensable. I will try to leam some basics about the computer. During the holidays, one has lots of time for various entertainments, playing and pursuing his hobbies. I would like to do a lot swimming to beat the heat and keep cool. I am also thinking to practice guitar, do gardening, enlarge my coin and stamp collection during the holidays, I also intend to study several encyclopedia and improve my general knowledge.
 Holidays provide an opportunity to learn many new things. Besides this holiday can be an experiment to learn how to plan our time and become self-reliant.

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