Friday, 14 June 2013

How To Keep Our Town Clean

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How To Keep Our Town Clean
Cleanliness is a good thing. It has very good effects on our health. If we want to enjoy good health we should make our surroundings neat and clean. In this way we can lead a very happy and healthy life. Now a days our towns are over crowded. There is a great increase in population. If we do not pay attention to make our towns clean the life will become difficult. Therefore we should take keen interest to keep our town clean. For this purpose everyone of us should feel his responsibility. First of all we should keep our houses clean. We should not throw our garbage in the streets. Throwing peels of fruit and pieces of paper any where carelessly is a very bad habit. They make our town dirty. Spitting everywhere creates many problems of insanitation. It causes diseases. We should not spit here and there. For this purpose we should educate our citizens. Through T.V., radio and other media of instruction we should train our men, women and children to maintain cleanliness at home and everywhere in the town. The students can be given best training at school. We must keep in mind, ''Cleanliness is next to Goodliness.

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