Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Message On Family Planing

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Message On family Planing
Every child, whether he belongs to rich or poor, has his right to have a proper care from his parents. He or she has right to have food, clothing, education and other basic necessities of life. It is sad that millions of children grow without parental care. They grow on their own.
 It is not that the parents want to neglect their off springs, but they are helpless. Many parents find it' difficult to provide the bare necessities because of large families. They work from morning to evening and do not have time to look after their children. The ultimate sufferers are the children, the parents and the nation. No nation can progress where children do not have access to basic needs of life, education and a stable background.
 As such, for our country Family Planning acquires a most urgent priority. It is need of the hour. We have to educate and persuade each family even in the remotest area to adopt family planning and restrict their family size. We have to tell them the measures of birth control. In this task, non-governmental organizations and voluntary agencies can play an important role.  It is for us in government to launch a movement to convinces people about the importance of the family planning.
 On this ''Family Planning day'' let us take a pledge that we will help in carrying the message of Family Planning to the remotest villages. Please accept to adopt family planning for the sake of their children, their families and the nation.

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