Monday, 17 June 2013

Message Writing Tips

Message writing
Message writing Tips
  • Formal messages are generally written in Third person whereas informal messages can be a short-note or an ordinary letter. 
  • A message is usually addressed to the recipient by name and closing with the sender's name. It is not necessary to formally close the message by writting yours faithfully, affectionately etc.
  • In an informal message, there is no need of the signature, although it is not prohibited.
  • A message should be short, to the point and clear.
  • Informal messages are usually written in the first person whereas formal messages are written in third person.
  • In a note of message, it is not a rule to put salutation, although there is no strict bar.
  • A message should have relevant information and factual description. It is always useful to put date, time and place in the message, you can also add your fax number, phone number, e-mail. address etc. If the receiver wants to contact you.
  • A Message can be just the words of congratulation. For example you can fax to your colleague: ''Greetings on becoming a mother of a sweet doll. Take care!'' and put your signature below.       

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