Sunday, 9 June 2013

Morning Walk

Paragraph Writing  For Kids
 Morning Walk
Morning walk is very useful for man's health. I have a morning walk regularly. I get up with the first crow of the cock and go for a long walk. I usually go to the river bank. On the way their is a garden. I stop there for a while. I take a light exercise I breathe in the fresh air. I enjoy the sweet smell of the flowers. Sweet songs of the morning birds refresh my mind Then I leave for the river bank. On reaching there, I have a bath in the shallow water. I say my morning prayers. After that I have a long stroll along the river bank. In the meantime, many people come there Some young men swim in the river. Others play kabaddi, cricket, football. When the sun rises, its golden rays look very beautiful in the water. I enjoy the sight for a short time. The dew drops shine like pearls on the grass. I return home at 7. I am quite fresh and ready for the day's work. All the day I enjoy my work. I also enjoy good health. It is only because of my morning walk.  

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