Friday, 14 June 2013

My Ambition In Life

My Ambition In Life
Ambition is a thing which we want to be in our life. Different people have different ambitions. Some wish to be engineers some wish to be teachers and some wish to be businessmen but i wish to be a doctor. because in my opinion a doctor is a noble member of society. He serves the sick and saves mankind from disease. My object in becoming a doctor is not to amass wealth. On the other hand my aim is to serve to the poor. I will attend to them free and try to be helpful to them. This is true service and my aim is to serve my fellow men. Medical aid should be free for the poor and only those who can pay should be charged. I consider myself quite fit to receive medical education. My taste lies in that direction. The course is very long i. e., five years. Sometimes this frightens me. But my mind is made up and after passing the F.Sc.  After doing M.B.B.S., I would like to serve the humanity. I will do my best to serve them.

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