Friday, 7 June 2013

Pakistani Women

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Pakistani Women
Women in Pakistan are almost half of the total population of the country. They are as important as men in the development and progress of Pakistan. They are doing a lot in this respect. Job opportunities for them in the past were few. Now the situation is different. They are getting almost equal chances in different spheres of life. They are serving their country as lady-doctor, nurses. lady health visitors, teachers and professors. They also compete in all kinds of competitive examinations. They are holding responsible positions in almost all departments. They are also taking an active part in politics. They are representing in the assemblies as M.P.A. and M.N.A. They get equal opportunities to becom Prime Minister of our country. Majority of the women in Pakistan lives in villages. They play an important role in our rural development. They work in their fields and give every help to their menfolk. They are very important members of our society. They are the pillars of our economy. At the same time, they are good mothers, good wives, good sisters and good daughters. All Pakistanis are proud of them. Our brave women played an important role for the establishment of Pakistan. They have set an example for the next generaation. We should follow their examples and pay homage to their novel work.

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