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Paragraph Example For Kids

Paragraph Writing  For Kids
paragraph example for kids
The paragraphs below are written under these rules. Careful study, you try to write a similar paragraph.
 Paragraph Writing Essay: 

Bar codes:
 Bar codes give the necessary information regarding a product to the customer as well as to the owner, such as price, category etc. It can give necessary information like inventory details, tax payments to the company management. Read more.

Martial arts taekwondo:
 Taekwondo is an. excellent way to learn self-defence. You learn the basic techniques of self-defence, and also how to control your temper if somebody teases you or makes fun of you or hits you. Read more.

My favourite visitor:
I have many friends and class-fellows. Some of them are very close to me. Amongst them Mr. Usman is my favourite visitor. Read more.

The spring:
Spring is the most pleasant season of the year. It is the season of youth, beauty and pleasure. It starts in the end of February and covers the whole month of March.  Read more. 

 A meaningful saying:
 A proverb is the shortest statement of a very long experience. I like the proverbs for their beauty and brevity. The proverbs have a charismatic quality, which makes them so popular, I like many proverbs, of which this one is special to me. Read more.

 A crowded market street:
 It was around Eid. We wanted to buy clothes, Eid lights and many other items. Anarkali is famous for such items. My mother asked me to join her and see myself what this famous market is like. Read more.

 My last day at school
Like the first day, the last day at school also has significance for students. My last day at school is still fresh in my memory.
Read more.

How i passed my last sunday
 Life has become very busy and mechanic. We really fell bored after working for a week. We want to pass our weekly holiday very joyfully. Read more.

Message on family planing:
 Every child, whether he belongs to rich or poor, has his right to have a proper care from his parents. He or she has right to have food, clothing, education and other basic necessities of life. It is sad that  millions of children grow without parental care. Read more

A rainy day:
 It was fine sunny day. The air was cool and the weather was pleasant. We thought that we would be wasting such a nice day indoors. I contacted my friends and we all started on our bikes for a picnic. Full of excitement, we were singing and enjoying. Read more.

 A true muslim
God loves Islam and man who lives according to the teachings of Islam is called Muslim. A true Muslim has firm belief in God and His last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). Read more.

 Girl guides:
 The main purpose of this move ment is to make the school-going girls aware of their duties. It develops in them a sense of good citizenship. Read more.

 Pakistani women:
 Women in Pakistan are almost half of the total population of the country. They are as important as men in the development and progress of Pakistan. Read more.

 Museum is a place where rare and old things are kept. There is a big museum in Lahore. Last Monday, I way to see the Museum with my brother. Read more.

 During the holidays one can do what he likes. One has all the time for entertainment or to learn something new. The holidays give an opportunity to develop a new skill. Read more.

 When I started to write an essay on 'A Good Deed' as a part of vacation homework, my pen stopped. I began to think what good deed of mine, I should describe.  Read more.
  Fashion is a thing which becomes common in the society. It is an age of fashion. The fascination of fashion is very strong in our cities. New generation runs after fashion. Read more.

Morning walk:
Morning walk is very useful for man's health. I have a morning walk regularly. I get up with the first crow of the cock and go for a long walk. I usually go to the river bank. Read more.

 The examination hall:
 Almost all the educated people have at least once or twice been inside an examination hall. To many, its memory must be fresh; to others only a vague impression. The examination hall is a place of joy for a few, and an object of terror and anxiety for many. Read more.

The rose
The rose is called the king of flowers. It has its own beauty, softness and delicacy. It adds beauty to nature. Read more. 

 Sportsmanship means not only taking part in sports according to rules prescribed but also playing the game of life in accordance with the spirit imbibd on the playing ground.  Read more.

A moonlit night:
A moonlit night is a pleasant sight in the hot night of summer the moon lends freshness to everything under the sky. Read more.

A meena bazar is a very interesting and colourful function. It is held every year in our school. The headmistress, the staff and the pupils work together in this function. Read more.

Last Sunday I made a plan to visit a historical place with my friends. We decided to visit the tomb of jehangir. We entered through the main gate. Read more.

One summer night in June. I was sleeping when shouts of fire awoke me. I looked this way and that way but there was no smoke or fire. Read more.

How to keep our town clean:
Cleanliness is a good thing. It has very good effects on our health. If we want to enjoy good health we should make our surroundings neat and clean.
Read more.

A life in a big city
Life in a big city is very busy and exciting. People work according to a time table and do not like to waste it in idle talk. Read more.

My ambition in life:
Ambition is a thing which we want to be in our life. Different people have different ambitions. Read more.   

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