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Paragraph Writing For Kids

Paragraph Writing For Kids
A collection of phrases in a paragraph about a topic is called.A paragraph is written composition that consists of one or more sentences grouped together on one point on one topic. It is a development of a single thought, idea or experience. It can be a short composition or a note that can be completed in one paragraph.
In a chapter there can be more than one paragraph. A paragraph should not be changed abruptly. A change in the paragraph represents a new idea or a different situation. The length of a paragraph depends upon the consistency and requirement.

Tips On Writing An Introduction Paragraph:

 Unity: A good paragraph consists of unity of thoughts and expression. Each paragraph must deal with single topic or idea. The sentences grouped together must be closely connected to the topic. Read more.

paragraph example for kids:

The paragraphs below are written under these rules. Careful study, you try to write a similar paragraph. Read more. 
Paragraph Writing Essay:

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