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Paragraph Writing Tips

Paragraph Writing  For Kids
 Paragraph Writing Tips

Tips On Writing An Introduction Paragraph:
Unity: A good paragraph consists of unity of thoughts and expression. Each paragraph must deal with single topic or idea. The sentences grouped together must be closely connected to the topic.
 Coherence: There should be logical sequence of thoughts in a paragraph. They should be arranged in orderly and natural order so that continuity is maintained.
  •  In a descriptive, narrative and technical writing the sequences  of time and space is essential whereas expository paragraph can be structured with explanations and illustrations.
  • Order of cause and effect  should be maintained. The two most emphatic portions for expressing an idea in a paragraph, are the first and the last. The first sentence may start with the fact, statement or a proportion, while the last sentence should conclude the paragraph.
  •  A topic sentence forms the base which should state the central idea of paragraph.
  •   In your mind before writing all the material set it.
  • If you write about a place to write a paragraph on the reader to establish the impression you had while watching the place.
  •   If I write about a person's character and habits of this is mentioned.
  •  A paragraph should not be monotonous. The sentences should vary in size, composition and construction. To maintain relationship with persons, sentence and following sentence use certain connection words. They help in smooth flow of the sentences.
  •  Sometimes recurrent terms and their synonyms can be used for continuity.
  •   Bring important idea or theme contained in a paragraph in forms by using ''it is a well known truth'' ''as a matter of fact'' etc.

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