Thursday, 20 June 2013

Speech Writing Tips

Speech Writing
Speech Writing Tips
  • Focus on the subject. Ponder over the purpose of the speech. 
  • Prepare key points in a clear and logical sequence.
  • Stick to the time available. Be economical with your words and sentences.
  • Do not be repelitic, 'unless something is too important.
  • Do not use ''Written English'' but 'Conversational English.
  • Relate beginning of your speech with the end.
  • Avoid use of Jargons, slangs and superfluous words.
  • Give a dash of humour, relevant to the topic. Quotations, poetry lines and idioms can be used provided they are timely and do not break the continuity of the speech.
  • Never be offensive and critical of the individuals. Restrain your criticism, even if it is too essential. Sandwich your critical points between two layers of praise.
  • Be a little dramatic, but not at the expense of correction.       

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