Sunday, 9 June 2013


Paragraph Writing  For Kids
Sportsmanship means not only taking part in sports according to rules prescribed but also playing the game of life in accordance with the spirit imbibd on the playing ground. A true sportsman learns to observe all those rules in life which h has been taught to observe in games. Sportsmanship implies, first, fair play. In games, if any player plays foul, the side to which he belongs is penalised. Similarly, in the bigger game of life, one must always be fair in one's dealings with others. Fairness, honesty, integrity, openness of heart and frankness these are the qualities that a sportsman must display in life. Team-spirit is also an important element of sportsmanship. Likewise, in whatever sphere of life one may be, one must aid and be aided by one's fellows if one is a true sportsman. In short, fair play, respect for discipline, recognition of the need of team-work and cheerfulness even in the event of defeat are thus the dominant marks of a sportsman. 

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