Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Examination Hall

 The Examination Hall 
Almost all the educated people have at least once or twice been inside an examination hall. To many, its memory must be fresh; to others only a vague impression. The examination hall is a place of joy for a few, and an object of terror and anxiety for many. Just pass by an examination hall an hour or so before the examination commences. What do you see? A large crowd of young students with books and notes in their hands, recalling to their minds what they read the previous day. Their faces are writ large with anxiety; their brains are muddled with facts and figures. A crowd of boys gathers round an intelligent boy and all sorts of questions are put to him. In a corner sits a student. He holds a small chit of paper in his hand. He is memorising a few facts and figures, perhaps some formulae. Now the bell rings and the door opens. All flock inside. They run to their seats and set their tables and stools in order. The superintendent shouts, ''Silence! No talking allowed.'' The invigilators hurry about saying, ''Take your seats!'' They quickly settle down in their places, and wait anxiously for the papers. Then, the question papers are distributed. A sound of flutter is heard and all bend their heads down to read their papers.

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